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Recent bugs encountered


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Hi, i've just bought this game recently and i'm having a lot of fun with it.


Unfortunately its hampered by the amount of bugs i've encountered so far and this is the list:



Unicorn Tears do not give proper bonus to fitness and something else when placed in the miscellaneous slot. Items such as Candy of the Void also do not show up in the use ability or action list when received until one day later apparently. I suspect these are merely the tip of the iceberg but it's just what i've encountered so far.



I've discovered Library of the Longshade and received 2 actions: Tidy / Study at the Library of the Longshade however i could only Tidy. The Study Options is lit when i check the lore under the Library of Longshade. Are there any prerequisites i've missed? Also there is one location i discovered where you need 50 pims to (Auction House i think) in order to use the ability but it doesn't appear until you have at least 50 pims. Perhaps you could show the option but fade it so i know i have the option at least? There are many locations that also seem that way but i only vaguely recall. You discover it but you can't use the abilities attached to the locations. Also Explore isn't there >.<


3)Secret Heritage

I took a point when creating a character in hopes of being able to study gates magic at the start but i didn't see any option to visit Eunecycia's Haven/Read & Talk or Serve at the location. I could only use Follow your Parent's Instructions. Again is there a prerequisite in order to do so?


FYI, yes i've patched to the latest DLC 15.

Overall i think the game is great but these bugs are proving to be a great stumbling block. Any idea when the next patch is?

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2) You need to Tidy it bevore you can use it ^^

3) First Follow your Parent insturction and after using this you get a new Adventure.


Thanks for info Schwarzbart! Geeze this game needs to have an event list of new actions/abilities/Adventures added/discovered daily or at least a colour prerequisite to indicate. There's already a lot to keep track >.<

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