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Mysterious unequippable items


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Hi, I've found some items which I am strangely not able to equip in any slot I try.


1. Glamour Chain purchased from Elisias Bethea's Merchant storefront... looks like a necklace, can't be equipped in necklace slot nor in misc.


2. Insect Sight purchased from Journal Insecta... looks like glasses, but is classified as "Spectacles" and cannot be equipped as glasses nor as misc. and there is no "spectacles" slot.


Maybe these items are not flagged properly for the slots they are supposed to occupy or something similar? Or maybe all this time I was supposed to put the Glamour Chain on my feet. :P

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We can take a look at these, but the most likely culprit is that you may be using an older version of the game. Which DLC are you using, and also is this an older save, or a new one, just created?


Let me know, and thanks!


I'm using DLC 15 and the save is a new one, and the Insect Sight is still being stubborn. I did download the CP 3 since starting this game, if that matters.


The problem with the Glamour Chain happened in a different playthrough which has since been erased, so unfortunately I can't check on it.

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