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Elevation Reqiurement, Soundtrack and Year 2


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I am fairly new to Academagia and to this Forum, so sorry if the Answers to my Questions are somewhere in this Forum and I just didn't find them.

Those Questions are:

1. Why does the Game always require Administrations rights? This is something I am not really comfortable with and I'd gladly stop the Game from running in Adminmode...


2. I really love the 2minutes of the Games "Soundtrack", but why are there not more Songs of this kind? :(


3. Is there a vague Date or Timeframe when to expect Year 2 to be finished?


Thank you for your replies,



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It's the location that Academagia runs from; it's too late to do anything about it in Y1, but Y2 should be friendlier.


I'm not clear what you mean about the soundtrack? You enjoy a particular song, I take it?


We are targeting the end of this year for Y2, but the official answer is still: 'when it's ready.'


Enjoy the game!

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This is really strange - i Bought the game on GameStop - any advice how i can get the other pieces of Music Oo

My Download size is about 500 MB - to verify i didnot delete something by accident i just reloaded the whole game.

I Still can only find the file:

Passacalle - Take 2.ogg

inside the

...\Academagia\OfficialContent\Media Folder.

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