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Equipment Slots


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I have a problem with equipment slots. I always get useless ones like mushrooms, food, plants but most of the time I can't never get rings and in my last file I didn't even get a necklace slot!


Basically I want to know if there's a way to get rid of slots I never use to make room for the useful ones, or is the game supposed to be giving me more slots?


It's just frustrating cause I completed a really cool quest that gave me a necklace that granted +1 to intelligence and it just sat in my pack, along with my awesome +1 to sleight of hand ring which would have been perfect for the sneaky spy character I was playing.

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If you have Items that fit into those slots, they should appear- you may need to scroll down to see them, though. Have you already tried to scroll down to see other Inventory slots?


If you have, please let me know the names of the Items in question, and I'll ask the Team to investigate- it's possible they have been mis-Typed.



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