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Autumn 1216


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As I already have plans for Dirk for Autumn and Winter I put this up




Study The Implications of Conciatta's Metamagica Made Manifest (Vim Summa) +14 exp

A Correspondence betwean Baruch and Dirk about Magic Theory start.




Exposure Exp because of work as Redcap

Visiting Barcelona for Equipment excange and asking around about Concentration and Finesse book deals.

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Makara: The Four Humours in Hermetic Theory 17 exp + 1 creo exp + 1 Muto exp (Secondary Insight) (used). Joins Momo on free time and praise the greatness of local pagan god. Spend 10 silvers for all Momo's expenses.


Momo: Bragging to the local about his exaggerated role in defeating the extremist Apollo follower. Hired a bard cat and changed to some heroic dress to spread the great legend of Momo.


Edit: End of Dragon Adventure


Fishy: 'Convinced' by Momo to help spread his fame like a flying broadcaster.


Edit: End of Dragon Adventure

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