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Change to troupe storyguide model


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As I think we should put this discusion and the claims in its own thread so I started this new thread.

Here is Wits post where he suggested it and put his claim:

Given that CJ finished his Big Story for now and seems to have time constraints in the future, I think we should consider explicitly shifting towards the Alpha-Beta and/or Pure Troupe storyguide models outlined (p.220) in the core book. This is how I think it should work:


Players explicitly claim "sections" of the saga for themselves. Ideally, these should be sections that they are interested in themselves but that their own characters are not primarily engaged with (so they can GM sessions for such characters). The claimant then has final voice & responsibility concerning that section, but other players are free to use them as well. I, for example, might take responsibility for the senior NPC magi now that I have been thinking about them for my story any any case. Others may still use them for their stories and play them as GM as well, etc., but I'm particularly familiar with them so they can ask me if they want details on something. They also _should_ ask me if they want to expand on them somehow, such as making a story about visiting their lab. I am the final arbiter of what fits with my vision of them. I will also draft their stats, take care of their advancement, play them during casual encounters when I'm available, etc.


We should also have a rules GM who is the final arbiter on rules interpretations. I think CJ should do that if he's OK with it, since he has the widest scope of understanding of the rules. This makes it much simpler to settle rules disputes than discussing or voting it over and over, since Ars rules are often ambiguous and it's not possible to rule out possible interpretations through hermeneutics alone.


In addition to this basic infrastructure, we might consider having:


A power level GM, who is the final arbiter of things like "what is the highest might of a player familiar at this point in the saga" or "can I incorporate this Badass Hermetic Breakthrough in my story" or "what is the maximum hermetic age of a beginning PC magus at this point in the saga". I think we have managed this quite nicely thus far without any system, but it might be helpful to have someone designated perhaps.


Finally, we could have a "saga plot GM", who tries to weave things into a Grand Narrative of some kind, or at least tries to construct such a thing with their own stories. This would be something like what CJ has been doing thus far. It's not necessary to have such a person at all - we might just each do our own plots, and if someone sees a bigger picture emerging there, they might do a story that weaves some of it together. I think I would prefer going without a saga GM, but am not adamant either way.


If people agree with my proposition to some degree, here's what I would be interested in claiming if no one else wants them:


1) The city's flying powers and where they originate and what maintains them

2) The elder magus NPCs

3) The Apollonian religion in the city

4) The history of the city on a grand scale (i.e. not going into detail with respect to single quarters and such, I've just got the broad strokes figured)


If this kind of a system sounds good to everyone, I'll make a thread in the library where people can announce claims and I can keep the first post updated about who manages what.


The good thing about this kind of a system is that people can themselves decide how much GMing they want to do, or if they want to GM at all.

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First about your claims Wits


1) fine with me

2) means also you have to do the yearly vis claims for them

3) is great for me as it wouldn't be good if I would claim this as Dirk is to involved. But we will have to talk about some things regulary.

4) also fine with me


I claim right now only:


1) The vis management here at the forum

2) The book keeping of our City of Ivory and Jade v2 thread

3) The new threads for character improvments

4) this NPCs of our flying city:

Joseph Triceres (a Artes Librares & Language teacher), Mark Tyberious (a peasant), Mr Latto (Hyperborean Townmagistrate who also make the selling of our goods)


the reason for this is because of my todo list

For Ramon I still need to do the basic outlines of the Barcelona covenant as it is the actual home covenant for Ramon.

Finish the High Priest (unless Baruch want to do it so some things are unknown to me)

The Nuernberg School & Salvatore Romano for the Mystic Fraternity of Samos (Dirk is part of this school)

Keep in mind that are not actual claims but something I have/want to do for the backgrounds of my chars.


Right now I dont have a actual ongoing plot where I need to claim specific things because of the workload I still have on my want to do list ^^.

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Saga plotting is perhaps early at this stage? I don't know really, this is my first table-top(ish) rpg. But if it is not too early, then we should perhaps each do a small outline of what we think ought to happen. I'm not saying we, or the eventual GM if we pick one, should follow it, but it might serve as inspiration.


You'll forgive me for not claiming stuff already, but despite our relatively long run I still feel relative new to some of this, especially the long term. Beyond having a few kids I don't even know what Silas hopes to gain exactly, other than perhaps clear his name with the Mercere and work towards harmony between mages and mundanes. Either way, it seems like a good idea to build upon.

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I will claim:


1) I guess our quest log and journal?

2) Most plots involving faeries (Especially the one involving Calpurnia)

3) Eastern travels outside of europe (saga)

4) End game final tournament (saga)

5) Maybe some twilight session

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General I think we still know to vew things about each others chars to make specific claims for things affecting them and not things affecting our own chars!


Maybe in the long run I will claim the greater Alps Tribunal as my story playing ground as I have the 4th edition tribunal book and with the Cave of Twisting Shadows two our mages at last have some interests there.

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