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Errata for the Beta

Legate of Mineta

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Schwarzbart noted that the costs for the Structures are missing. Here they are:


Chapel Upgrade 130 gold

Tavern Upgrade 200 gold

Forge Upgrade 250 gold

Barracks Upgrade 150 gold

Alchemical Laboratories 200 gold

Courtyard Village 170 gold

Supply Depots 100 gold

Licensed Old Black Brewery 120 gold

Licensed Keller Stone Brewery 120 gold

Memorial Jade Garden 100 gold

Waterworks (AotDK prereq) 250 gold

Sunlit Cavern (Spiral Delve, Foxkin presence) 160 gold

Tunnel Traps (Death Devices prereq) 225 gold

Spider Holes (Diplomacy I: Ssahaa prereq) 100 gold

Darkbreaker's Sanctum (Tumbledown prereq) 180 gold

Pit-Fighters' Academy (Pit-Fighters prereq) 125 gold

Coin Collection (Rare Coin Book prereq) 75 gold


You can purchase the two Weaponmark Enchantments (Frigid and Sparking) from the Crossroads Hold Market for 35 Gold each.


The Torchward Sword's Ancient Evil Bonus affects: the Baalghast, the Deep Shades and Conflagration Wights.


The diminutive silver spoon amulet you discover in Enchantments of the Hearth is called the 'Crossroads Serving Amulet'. It can be Stored in Seven Helms for +1d4 Gold a Month, and, if worn, gives a Defense Action: +3 Heal.

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Copy and past of a other very important info

Ah, Perks & Structures are named in their shorthand. Great catch!


The correlation is:


The Path of the Chosen Foe = Diplomacy

The Path of the Great Expectation = Orc War

The Path of the Hidden Strength = Baalghast

So when you get a Plan (Sunlite Cavern, Tunnel Traps ect.) in a adventure you still have to pay money to get its rewards?

That makes the complet thing a nightmare to write down as in the adventure you have to write it down as if it is complet unlooked.

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Thanks that make either the economy chain or the adventures that give Artifacts the best adventures for the first 2-3 adventures as otherwise I doubt you get the money together for more then 1 structures / plans.

Or alternative go for the adventures with the best equipment and just build the normal structures if you ever have some money in reserve.


Edit: Supply Depots are listed as Reward in Perks and Structures so there is something wrong because you put a cost for them in your list!

Edit2: Just made a search trough the Act II adventures and I didn't find Supply Depots there so I suspect Perks and Structures have the wrong type.

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-722- let you write down Three Explorers’ Receipts but searching for this Three Explorer don't give any place where they are used again.


Edit: if I didn't miss a path there is no way to earn Skali's Favor if you have a good relationship with Skali! I doubt you want to punish the player for have done the adventure of Skali. (probably the player should get it when he got the good relationship with Skali)


Beside at 946 you left confused what path you have to go when your just friendly with Skali. 982 don't sound right because you know him and care but 954 is wrong also because you didn't do the dragon adventure.

(I didn't get the right way in the Beta because I didn't know by then that good relationship is different from friendly)


Edit2: 1155 the special is Slow 2 (1 rnd) or -2 Ini? How its written now its kind of confusing for me.

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That's intentional for the 3 Explorers: they will be coming back in v2. ;)


Hmm, I'll bring the Skali issues to the Team.


Slow 2/1 Round is equivalent to -2 Initiative. I'm not sure why they wrote it that way- the effect may be intended to be longer, and it could be a typo. We'll see in 1.1.



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