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Arithmetic Bugs

Deirdre Skye

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According to the mod tool, Arithmetic Study 9 increases the relationship by 2 with an Arithmetic student of your choice.

However, the game picked a student for me, I never got a choice.

Probably an engine limitation, since all choices for actions are made before you take that action, while it is a side-effect of the result of an action, in this case.

I see 3 possible fixes:

- Make it a random student of that class

(no code changes required, but makes the bonus less powerful, so maybe it should be buffed to +3)

- Make it so you're able to select the student beforehand if successfully studying affects something specific.

(might be hard to implement, because a player can plan multiple actions at once, and sometimes it requires those choices, and sometimes it doesn't, so it would need to predict the future)

- Make it so you're able to select the student after studying.

(Seems like the most intuitive solution, but requires engine changes)


According to the mod tool, Arithmetic Mastery adds a +1 bonus to Athletics instead of Arithmetic.

The description, on the other hand, is correct.


(Question: where is the +5 parental approval defined for mastering a subject? Is it hard-coded?)


According to the mod tool, Narrow Focus: Mathematics gives a +2 bonus to an Arithmetic SS, as well as a +2 bonus to a Geometry SS.

However, I can only select the Arithmetic SS. Geometry is unaffected.

It looks like it is missing the target for the Geometry effect. (Self)


(Question: What exactly does the 'Default' checkbox do in the modtool, for action effects?)


Note1: The wiki says that study levels increase the relationship with a random student for some study levels.

This isn't entirely true. It increases the relationship with a random student which is also following that class. (so some directed relationship effort is possible)

Probably should be updated to reflect this.


Note2: It would be a good idea to show which class you attend with Attend Class.

Basically, split up the Attend Class action into the 17 different subjects. The calender would say 'Attend Class: Arithmetic', for example.

(It seems silly that a character does not know which class they are attending, since they take place in different rooms)

No need to mention the SS taught, though. This keeps class attendance high, just in case something special is taught.


Same deal for exams. Split them up, so the calendar can say 'Exam: Arithmetic', and you don't need to look up the specific day a certain exam takes place on.

The code behind those events could stay the same.

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Thanks! We'll look at these in 16.


For your questions:


I don't know off the top of my head where the +5 is. It seems likely it would be at the Level 10 of the Study, although I may be wrong about that. It is possible it's hard coded.


The 'Default' checkbox allows you to specify the 'first' Effect applied (otherwise it's the first one entered.) For the most part, it's not needed.

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The Subtract Pheme reduces Theory of Arithmetic. Sadly, it has self as its target. Why would anyone ever use this Pheme? (Unless it's a bug)

It seems many debuff phemes are like this. Their targets should be changed to students of your choice.

(I did try it on a spell which targets someone else, so the target is not determined by the main spell.)

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