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Gamebooks are usualy not intended to be played with GM + Player, they are desined so a player alone can do them from start to the end.

I personal never saw a gamebook that didn't use multiple choice.

So as sad as it is you expected a pure rollplaying adventure but not a gamebook and it always was clear that this will be a gamebook.


Edit: If you also pledged for the other gamebooks mentioned trough the Holdfast Kickstarter you also will gain Solo Adventures where you don't need a GM.

This books have theyr own popularity as they can played without anyone other or long rule study.

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This is true. Hmm...on that note I suggest each scenario to be on its separate page and hyperlink each option. This way the player will not be able to see ahead. I was able to see ahead for most options but I still suggest when re writing it for release do not think we know. Just go with thinking we the player need it explained in great detail. There will be a bunch of people who will be dumbfounded while trying to play the game. Like what is a D10 Boon is that number 10 on the boon list or do I roll a 1d10 and get what I role.


However on a side note this story would play very well as a pure adventure. I guess I just forgot that it was a game book and since I have been playing D&D a lot lately I just got the concept a bit mixed up. I am an idiot I know this...don't judge.

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