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"Academagia has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."


Ok, I downloaded, after purchase, Academagia.msi. I installed and ran the exe, and got the above. I then located the current patch 128, unzipped it into the game directory, and ran the exe, and same error.

I am running winxp, and have .net 4. I don't have a folder in my c drive called "programdata", and a search does not reveal academagia.log.


The Error Signature for the microsoft prlblem screen says this:

"AppName: academagia.exe AppVer: AppStamp:51037127
ModName: kernel32.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 ModStamp:411096b4
fDebug: 0 Offset: 0001eb33"

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Actually, "programdata", (or "appdata") is a hidden folder on windows.


I personally haven't run the game on XP, but don't know why that might crash like that.


As a power user, I would highly recommend ensuring your .net framework is as up-to-date as you can get it. Just because it's V4 doesn't mean that you have all the patches for it. The game relies on the framework, so if something is missing that might happen.

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Bah! That's not good. Alright, the very first thing to try is Running as an Administrator.


If that does not succeed, you will want to update your .NET as Free notes- you will want to update to 3.5, and then to 3.5 SP 1.


These steps should handle all the issues we have seen on XP, with the exception of a cache error (although that last one should not apply to you!)

Please let us know the results, and thanks for giving us a try!

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You can certainly use it on your Vista computer, although it is not recommended.


One thing you might try on XP is to navigate to ProgramData, find the Academagia folder, and delete the 'Cache' folder you will find inside. Then attempt to run Academagia.


Note that ProgramData is a hidden folder, so you may need to turn options on.



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I don't have an academagia folder in programdata, or in documents and settings/william/application data. I am guessing it doesn't even get far enough to create a cache.

In my vista laptop, I seem to get a little further. I get a black screen, then a popup "system error occured. application will be terminated." followed by a splash screen of 3 children "to anh, jon, and kim". and 2 more "system error occured" popups.

I do seem to have an academagia.log on this computer now.

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Well, glad to hear that at least!


Academagia was very different from Scheherazade, because it is very reliant on the .NET framework.


The issues that you are reporting on Vista *sound* a lot like .NET 3.5 issues- if you do not install .NET 3.5 first, and then update to SP1, you can sometimes miss components. There was even one issue with a missing piece of .NET 3.0 for another customer. We would be more than happy to continue to try to troubleshoot, but otherwise, we can offer you a refund in your case.


Assuming that you purchased from BMT, you will want to request a refund through them, and then we will approve it.


Let us know!

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