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Resting, and the Combat Table


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A few questions:

1) When does Resting and recovering Defense occur? Will it tell me explicitly? ("Rest and return your defense to maximum", or implicitly ("You rest")?

For example, where in Thaneshold do you rest, if at all? For example, if I make for the Inn at 57, it says I get some sleep, but does that constitute rest?


2) The Combat Table - I don't see anywhere where it tells me which symbol corresponds to what action. The Claw, Attack and Defense are obvious. I think Maneouver is the boot. Is Gambit the knife thing? What's the symbol at 9, free choice?





PS - Just leaving Thaneshold and loving it! Especially the humor. Makes it really stand out.

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Haha the next who have problems with the symbols the team thought are helpful.

Because some people reported problems in understanding the combat in the beta I think they put the symbols in but now its actual worse then in the Beta because the symbols are unclear in opposite to the text we has in the beta in the combat table. ;)

They would have to replace either the complete attack, defence, gambit etc. with the symbols or have to use the text in the combat table but only using the symbols in the combat table helps no one.

At 0 you have always Claw

Shield = Defence

Sword = Attack

Boot = Manoeuvre

this bent knife = Gambit

Star = Free choice

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