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Forgecraft and other questions


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Hi guys, some questions, mostly about forgecraft:


1) Can I use boons to pretend to have Forgecraft when adding the Weaponmarks to my weapons while retaking Crossroads Hold? What about if I want to forge something later, can I use boons to fake being 'trained'?

2) If I am trained in Forgecraft, shouldn't I be able to add Sparkling or Frigid Weaponmarks to my weapon for free between adventures?

3) If I want to convert multiple units of Scraps to Adamant Iron, do I have to pay the Gold cost each time?


Other questions:

4) Do Bleed and Poison effects that are still happening to me after a fight finishes have to work their way out? So if I am supposed to bleed for 2 more rounds and I kill my enemy, do I still bleed the Defense points away after the fight?

5) Scrounging - do I get bonus money when I am paid (or given) money, as well as when I find it?

6) Can I carry spare weapons as Items in my Backpack?




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Another set of questions about Forgecraft

Sometimes there's no clear correlation between the Base Item and the thing it makes. For example, when you find Blackened Kingsilver, there's a hint that you might make a shield out of it, something to do with the Conflagration - oh! the Conflagration Shield!

But what if I forgot? It's not written anywhere else what the base item is.

Others are even more obscure. What's Godsjade for?


Can we have erratta to the Settings Guide Forging appendix that also lists the Base Item required? Some are obvious (Ruined X) but many are not!

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Here's an abbreviated summary of the table that comes with the Crafting supplement:


Final Product Base Crafting Item Secondary Crafting Item Tertiary Crafting Item Quaternary Crafting Item

Adamant Iron Scrap

Adamant Steel Pieces of Scrap

Adamant Steel Adamant Iron

Bloodbound Plate Armor Ruined Bloodbound Plate Supple Boar Leather Adamant Steel

Conflagration Shield Blackened Kingsilver Supple Boar Leather Adamant Steel Nails

Dark-Breaker's Helm Ruined Dark-Breaker's Helm Enchanted Velvet Supple Boar Leather Quick Cinnabar

Elite Sprinters' Boots Quickmarked Leather Brazzle Nails Pressed Elfmoss Sheets Frostbiter Sword Ruined

Frostbiter Sword Steel Quick Cinnabar

Helm of Divine Wrath Godsjade Enchanted Velvet Hardened Lifestone Brazzle Nails

Invincible Kingsilver Mail Rich Kingsilver Stash Adamant Steel Nails Enchanted Velvet Dragonseye Ruby

Poisoned Gauntlets Ruined Poisoned Gauntlets Adamant Steel Nails Quick Cinnabar

Radiant Gauntlets Thrunlast's Gold Adamant Steel Supple Boar Leather Dragonseye Ruby

Shadedark Knife Umbral Steel Adamant Iron Dragonseye Ruby

Stormtaker Shield Ruined Stormtaker Shield Adamant Steel Supple Boar Leather Quick Cinnabar

Survivor's Axe Ruined Survivor's Axe Adamant Steel Hardened Lifestone

Vanguard Armor Ruined Vanguard Armor Adamant Iron Supple Boar Leather Brazzle Nails

Wall-Runners Ruined Pair of Wall-Runners Pressed Elfmoss Sheets Kingsilver Nails



Edit: Well, the format didn't survive. :)

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