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How would Academagia have looked with a Ars Magica licence


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The new Sub Rosa about House Deidne gave me the idea how a game like Academagia could have worked in a Ars Magica setting.


1) The Mages would need a breakthrough that overcomes the social effects of the Gift to teach a group of students in the same classroom

2) This breakthrough in return would allow to intense the training to give the apprentice 3 seasons per year teaching instead of just 1 what would reduce the education to 5 or 6 years.

3) Each student is educated for 1 year before the opening of the Arts in Artes Librares and probably some Magic Theory, this would be keep out of the game.

4) The first year at Academagia have to teach the basic of the 10 different forms and so there is not much flexibility in class.

5) The limit of year 1 would be magnitude 1-2 spells resulting from the lack of education in a Technique

6) To keep the setting with the flying Islands we need a reason why a really large number of humans beside a group of mages are retreating to such a place and the reason could be the religion. Ars Magica and the history of Mystic Europe have with the elimination of the Druids/Deidne the right background for this.

7) Such a center of magic education probably only take place in a Ars Magica Setting when there is the need to push out larger number of full educated mages. That again works well with exiled Deidne Mages as they want to increase their strength, fast, to fight back, at last that was the reason to make the necessary breakthrough and open such a school.

8) The education would have to broken down to per day instead of per season to make a year long enough to be interesting to be released as series of games that handle 1 year per game.

9) There is still the problem that only 1 person in 1000 have the gift, if I remember right, even if it would be higher in a setting where many people living in a magical Aura. To have 10 Apprentices per year one still need over 1000 births a year even if 1 person in 100 have the gift. This is something I don't have a idea how to get it fixed in a Ars Magica setting.

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To my knowledge there is no connection left between the World of Darkness and Ars Magica 5th edition at last on the Ars Magica part.

They use the name Tremere but that's it. The vampire in Ars Magica are some kind of faerie and so complete different from what WoD says about Vampire.

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