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Legal Skill Gains mod (WiP, for what that's worth)


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Temporary link.


Here's a mod I've quickly put together and lightly tested that hopefully addresses the problem of various actions/abilities that give out random skills occasional giving out steps of Gates, Mastery or Synchronicity. That is, knowledge of illegal, illegal and barely-legal magic that supposedly is near-impossible to just stumble over respectively. I'll maybe possible perhaps publish and upload a more fixed version tomorrow or later, no clue, but here's what I have now for testing purposes I guess. BTW: don't expect that download link to last more than 72 hours, if that, so get it while it lasts or something like that.


Abilities changed to no longer hand out illegal/stupidly rare knowledge (from memory, so don't expect a 100% accuracy):

Academic Osmosis at the Compounding Center

Constructive Contention

Culiman's Shack (note that this ability may have been rendered borken by the mod - again, lightly tested)

Study at the Library of Longshade


Actions changed likewise:

Joie de Vivre

Office Hours (what the :blink: ?)

Question Surroundings

Thoughtful Study


Spells changed likewise:

From Nothing, Knowledge


Abilities/Actions/Spells not changed and why:

Extensively Consult with the Emperor's Sphinx (Ability doesn't exist in the 1.0.0 amo)

Extrapolation of Evidence (because me = idiot)

Match Wits with the Emperor's Sphinx (Ability doesn't exist in the 1.0.0 amo)

Observe Stenephan Pastis' Court (because me still = idiot)

Speaking into the Broken Window (because me, you guessed it, = idiot)

Watch a Conley Trial from the Observation Gallery (Ability doesn't exist in the 1.0.0 amo)


With this mod the formally random skill gains should instead give you 1 skill step of a random sub skill from a random parent skill chosen from a reference table containing the 52 legal parent skills. This should mean that stuff like, say, Rally isn't excluded from the list, since the game is called to expand a random Bully skill and Rally is a Bully subskill in a DLC16 game. No clue what happens of the game rolls AI_Aces_Up_The_Sleeve, probably nothing.


Reminder: In order to load a mod it must be placed above below the official content mod in the list of mods you want to load when starting a game.


Have fun with it and post any problems with the mod here. Don't expect me know more than a piece of paper taped to a dartboard, though

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From Nothing, Knowledge is said to work by...eh, something about elemental forces and what they've recently experienced or something. If you get illegal magic from that, it stands to reason that they've recently witnessed the use of said illegal magic, and that's a can of worms I'd rather not open.


The Sphinx still hands out what she normally does since, again, Match Wits doesn't exist in the 1.0.0 .amo so that ability is completely unchanged. I cannot change that ability short of messing with the .amm, and I can't do that because I don't have DLC16's .amm, set stand the other issues with that plan.

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From Nothing, Knowledge is a rather lofty name for a Spell that even Imperial Theoreticians found rather hard to describe; what seems to happen is that the Spell's caster becomes attuned to local elemental forces, and in some way experiences some of the recent events in which they've participated.

It just so happens that the PC lives in one of those small former-Kingdoms of humans, which has maintained a centuries-long ban. The few scant traces of illegal magic that still exist in the area are simply drowned out by the other 300-some skills people practice, as witnessed by the local elemental forces, and in turn shown to whoever casts the spell. Call it a sloppy rationalization, but the alternative is that there's a regular class in the Academagia that teaches twelve-year-old kids a spell which will potentially teach them illegal magic. For which they could get executed. I really doubt that that never came up during the centuries the ban has lasted, and that when it came up the authorities said "eh, it's a way to get illegal magic but whatever, we've done out job well enough".


One of the things I did want to do with this mod was really clamp down hard on anything that could remotely be considered easy access to illegal magic, more accurately reflecting the idea that anything that could even potentially teach it would either by securely guarded (Forbidden Archives and it's base 20% Chance of Detection), highly illegal and detrimental to your health (Candies of the Gnawing Void), or highly illegal and not at all easy to get (The Book of Deep Shadows). I had actually wanted to do the same to Watch a Conley Trial from the Observation Gallery (rationalizing that if a trial involved illegal magic a completely unrelated twelve year old would not be allowed to watch it) as well as both actions considering the Sphinx (rationalizing that she wouldn't teach something to a twelve year old which could get them executed), but the mod tools limited my abilities to do that. Including, as you said, the Sphinx randomly teaching research levels in addition to skills.

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