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News on an updated edition?


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Hurr durr, I should learn to read. Looking forward to the updated edition some time in December, through DriveThruRPG, and I hope it will be made available to backers.


I've compiled a list of my questions and answers, so it's my hope the following clarifications have made it in.


Holdfast Clarifications

  • Can I use boons to fake Forgecraft as with other skills?
  • If I have Forgecraft and I don’t use the Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmark options during Act 1, can I save them for later?
    Yes. The cost in the book for Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmarks is the cost for re-empowering the forge. If you didn’t use them during Act 1, they are still empowered and you can save them for later.
  • Are Damage Over Time effects cleared immediately when combat ends, or do they keep doing damage?
    They are cleared immediately
  • Does Scrounging happen when you are paid money, or only when you find it?
    Only when you find it.
  • Can you carry spare weapons in your backpack?
  • Can I take items that provide +gold out of Storage?
    The rules say No, but you might play that these items can be brought out for Act 3.
  • You can build Upgrades without Plans.
  • When you lose Armor points (e.g. due to a Rage potion), you lose Maximum armor points, and then your Temporary Armor points are adjusted if they were above the maximum.
  • The plans for Massive Fountain of Old Black and the Keller's Stone Brew Beer Garden are not used in Book 1.



  • Section 946: text missing:
    If you're pursuing a Final Duty and have already gone to 637, go to 521."
  • Flintbreaker Masterwork Armor should have +20 Armor, like Flintbreaker Armor
  • Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmarks effects in the Items section should be replaced by the effects listed in the Purchase section.
  • Multiple places where Boots and Feet are used interchangeably.


Forging Components

Some items are not clear about what you can make from them. Here is a useful list:
Conflagration Shield - Blackened Kingsilver
Elite Sprinters' Boots - Quickmarked Leather
Helm of Divine Wrath – Godsjade
Invincible Kingsilver Mail - Rich Kingsilver Stash
Radiant Gauntlets - Thrunlast's Gold
Shadedark Knife - Umbral Steel



Also, here are some new questions:


  • If I use a gambit for Prevent/X rounds, when does the prevent start, immediately? The next round?
  • Thaneshold Shipments I and II: If you bring in Robust Hold Supplies, do you get access to both shops or just to Shipments II? Why do the stats for Fortifying Rations differ between Thaneshold Shipments I and II?
  • Why do some items say “+X Initiative” while others say “+X Initiative (1 Combat)”?


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Ah, an acknowledgement, and all is right with the world.


On the subject of a changelog, this is my opinion, for what it's worth: if, at some future time and by whatever means, a revised print edition becomes available, then there's no problem, but otherwise, an old-schooler like me who still adheres to printed books would be grateful to know what exactly the changes and corrections are.

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