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Can't uninstall via Control Panel...Is it okay to just reinstall over current files?


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Hi. I have a version from mid August 2013 with a Consolidated Patch that I believe is DLC 15. When I go to start a new game and select The Third Interlude mod, I'm seeing some duplicate choices for Omen, Background, etc, when setting up my character.


Also, when I get to the point where I need to select activities for my calendar, I'm having to make choices for the entire year. This is overwhelming. I don't remember having this much to do just to start playing, but if I recall correctly, I didn't check the box for The Third Interlude last time I tried to start a game.


So, what I need to know is if any files will be corrupted if I simply install the game and any updates over what's already on my hard drive. I had to do a system restore a few months ago, so a lot of my games aren't listed in my Control Panel. Is there another way to uninstall/reinstall the game? Is The Third Interlude a mod or a patch, and will I need it to play the game?


I have my receipt for the game, but I don't see a download link on your home page anymore. I believe I played the demo using Spoon? Not sure if I need to just download a demo and re-enter an activation key to get the full game or...


Any help would be much appreciated. I'm looking forward to finally playing this game! Thanks in advance.

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Blooming Lilac;


No, you should be fine to install over- in fact, that is the normal way for Patches. However, your save games may be rendered unplayable, as they do rely on specific Patch version content.


You may want to clear your cache as well- you can find that in C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Cache- delete the files within, and it will refresh using whichever mod you have selected.


Enjoy! :)

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- Holdfast was a Kickstarter project and all backer already got the (e-)book but so fare it was not available anywhere else.

- For Scheherazade there where already some sales in the past i.e. during the Holdfast Kickstarter but I doubt that you will see any new sale of this game before the Steam release.

- The Legate live and work in the USA so its no wonder he usually answer our questions during the European night time.

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