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Good point with the Incantors' Workshop, I'll go do that.


With the draconian method of "has this thing changed?" that the mod tools used I imagine that it's checking each individual field. If not I'd have to basically edit every last part of the skill to match what it has in DLC 15 (16 if I want to carefully test everything ingame). Even so I guess I'll just DLC 15-ify the entire skillset because, well, I honestly don't expect the mod tools to be this functional.


It's all fine and well that they'll change in Y2, the problem is that some of them are practically useless in Y1 to the point where you'd never use them. I don't think the import tools will care about what Clique abilities did in Y1, either.


Actually, subskills tie themselves to their parent rather than the other way around, and I definitely didn't change Field Medicine or Test Taking, so I don't know how that happened. Still, told you that my mods tend to not do what they're coded to do lately.

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yes it looks that way in the editor but do we know its not the other way around with the published mods? At last from the bug I have is that the info what sub skills exist for a skill is taken from the last loaded mod that change the skill.

And no its not strange behaviour of just you but it appears that in general as soon we change something that not just the minor change make it into the mod but also things that surround it.

I.e. if we change even the smallest part of a Skill the complete skill is then marked as changed and put into the mod when we publish it.

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Wahhhhh we can't even change the item type without braking the game!

In my current game I got the Served Chain what wasn't in the default game and the Misc slot didn't get unlocked despite the item is of type Miscellanea!

That why I suspect that my change of the Item Fading Ink, Blotter to Miscellanea let the mod tool make a new reverence table what items unlock this slot but only with the info from version 1.0 and the mod!

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