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Kinda busy here so I'll get straight to the point: Which Clique abilities are in need of a buff, and what should they be changed to? And also, which Clique abilities are in need of a break after being the spotlight of practically everyone's game by way of buffing the competition, and how should this competition be buffed? I intend to code a mod that'll bring the useless Clique abilities into some manner of use, preferably without bringing down the nerf bat upon the ones that are actually really useful.


My current list of stuff to change is:


Cirillo Laziosi - Quick Throw of the Dice (contested Luck/Gambling roll for +10 Pims)

-not sure yet, I was thinking a passive ability of some sort but...that's boring.


Reitz von Lutersee - Friendly Favor (50% chance of +1 professor relationship, -20 Pims for Reitz)

-Not sure yet, I was thinking Information on a student, but there's enough of those already


Rikildis von Kiep - Extreme Humiliation (a giant mess of stuff that doesn't remotely work as advertised)

-Change to what it advertises, because that's a decent Clique ability


Rui da Casga - Prank Enemy (roll for -1 Confidence and Composure, +1 Danger Sense and nothing because Reprimand doesn't work)

-Change the non-functional Reprimand function with +2 Stress


Tacito Viadana - Tattle (50% chance of nothing, because again, Reprimand doesn't work)

-Change to a passive ability that gives +2 to all Blackmail subskills (Journalism, Memorization, Observation)


Zorzi Galea - Air Affair (+3% CoS for casting Air spells)

-Change to a passive ability and buff the CoS chance


I'm not sure yet what to change everything into, so any (further) suggestions?

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Cirillo Luck +1 Gambling +1 should be good if you go passive ability or replace the 10 gold with one of the existing reward reference table.


Reitz keep the 50% chance but increase it to 3 for a single professor.


Tecito if you go with passive ability then +1 to each of the 3 skills is enough

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I'm not really a fan of passive +attribute Clique abilities, since those are definitely on the powerful side of things, and since Quick Throw of the Dice is gambling with another student I couldn't use a reference table without pulling those items out of the Aether since those students likely wouldn't have those things to lose (and most wouldn't care to bet on them if they did, especially if you're Cirillo's friend). Of course a passive +Gambling or something is just...boring. Fitting, but boring.


Eh...that still would make it inferior to Weasel Words, given the massive failure chance that you can't influence no matter what, although on the flipside it wouldn't take Infiltration 5 and high ranks of Deceit. It definitely would be better, but with that massive failure chance I'm doubtful about whether it'd be worth risking.


Yeah, probably. Journalism and Memorization, and Blackmail itself for that matter, aren't especially worthwhile skills in my experience (although playstyle definitely plays a part in that) but +1 Observation? Yeah, I think that'll do.

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