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Fanfiction and fanart?


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I just got Scheherazade last week and I've played through all the guys' routes so far, and I'm just 100% head-over-heels in love with the game. The steam forum is pretty dead, and I've noticed that there's not a lot of activity here, either... and none of my friends are really into it like I am, although I've been sending them copies of the game.


Is there any interest or a forum for fanart (especially fanfiction?) I write, and I've started writing some stuff, but so far there's nowhere really to share it except with myself, so I wasn't sure if there was even any interest. If this is something the devs discourage, also, please let me know! I have all sorts of things I want to write - I really love this game - but I respect creator and developer preference.

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For Academagia we got a Roleplaying thread for such things. Maybe you put it for now into General Discussion and if the Legate think a Fanfiction or Roleplaying thread would be good for this game also he can move your post then later.


Edit: And don't worry BCS is usual happy to have Fan contribution / art or story's at their forum.

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