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Problems with "Stir Up Trouble" Action


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I waited too long to get Ana Flavia Bessa into my clique (Clique Liquors) and now she has started a clique of her own (The Bessa Mob).


The Bessa Mob shows two members: Ana Flavia and Cosetta Re.


On the day of the Last Feast in Gelamenus, I had three Stir Up Trouble actions set up. End of day report shows that two of them worked.


The first one decreased the relationship between Ana and Neta Xemutre. The second one decreased the relationship between

Cosetta and Raoul Leconte.


Neta is in a clique called The Champions of Durand together with Jere Niemela and Tulia Faspalla. Raoul is in a clique called The Long Afternoon Society with Philip Hauck.


Stir Up Trouble says that it will "permanently decrease the relationship between members of a clique".


Not really understanding the outcome of this action, why did it not just target Ana and Cosetta?



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That's working as intended as it stirs up trouble between cliques, not within them. For "liberating" Ana I recommend getting Manipulation to 10 and (after getting the required Phemes, if necessary) casting Schism on the two.

If it is working as intended then it is nigh on useless. I can not at this point see any reason to cause trouble between two cliques. And if there would be a reason to do that, this action is still useless as you can only choose one side of the clique while the other is random. And on top of that, you are really only causing trouble between one random person from a clique you choose with a random person in another random clique.


It does not seem as though there is any strife created between the two cliques. I highly doubt that causing trouble between Ana Flavia and Neta is going to impact Neta's clique or the other students in her clique in any way.


In any event Ana Flavia is at this moment safely in my clique. I used demean to lower her relationship with Cosetta until the clique disbanded, then gossip to improve my relationship with Ana from zero to two. After befriending her our relationship jumped to 4. It is important to note that using demean will also lower your relationship with the person you list first, so in this case I had to list Cosetta and then Ana, so that Ana's opinion of me wouldn't change.


Now I have her clique ability, and very importantly, knowledge of Theory of Incantation, which allows me to go to Contu's school.


Mission Accomplished.

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It's working as intended insofar as the action's coding. Clique relationships I believe were intended to be a part of Y1, and Stir Up Trouble would reduce relationships between cliques themselves, not individuals of those cliques, but it's one of many things that ended on the cutting board. As a result, yeah. There's a lot of actions/abilities like that in Y1 that require...significant imagination to make effective, to put it politely.

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