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Battleship Bingo, part III

Legate of Mineta

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*slams fist on table* though I am voting A6 this week, next week, calling it now, going to vote for B5 who I think is the best candidate for Hood

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LOL! There's only one way to find out...

Rig the voting so it looks like everyone else is voting for her?



I'm joking, I wouldn't actually do that.


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I bet it's the one I keep voting for and nobody else does.


Is she B5? Because I'm gonna vote for her next week (unless all of a sudden people start changing votes around)....................


F!$#k me and my national pride for Hood. I'm going to swap my vote to B5

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^^ I'm trusting this Englishman's instinct. I'm switching to B5 as well. I know I said I wanted something other than European or American but it's HOOD!

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Oh, so there are two mentioned Belles from the Regia Marina, and they are Lampo and Axum?


Nice choices; the first is a good example of a destroyer that spent its career fighting to defend convoys.


The second... well, it points to the best days of Italian submarines. Since in the Mediterranean, partly because of the lack of targets, but mostly because of a completely outdated and inefficient tactical doctrine, the submarines of the Regia Marina didn't have that much successes.


Pretty much the only time that they were employed the right way was during Operation Pedestal; and the Axum made what is probably the best hit of the Regi Sommergibili, since with a salvo of four torpedoes she struck three targets (the cruisers HMS Cairo and HMS Nigeria, and the tanker Ohio), sinking the first and damaging the other two.

All in all, not a bad day's work.


And she ended up being lost during the co-belligerence period, while disembarking informers on the Greek coast.


Looking forward to meet her! :)




Now, returning to the point. I still cast my vote for C2, D'Aosta. :rolleyes:

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