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How to Access Impulse!!!


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Legate! Sticky this immediately!!


Hello Everybody! :)


Are you like me? Did you buy Academagia from Impulse, only to get screwed over by Gamestop once they stopped caring about you? Well, ol' Freespace just dug up the grand-daddy of Negation spells to help you out. ;)


I've tracked down a solution for some of you. If you are having problems with the "Gamestop App" authentication, then this post may well be your saving throw! I cannot 100% guarantee this to work, but, I tried and succeeded!


This will *NOT* help you if you did not connect your old impulse account (and the games on it) to the newer Gamestop system, but for those of you who did do that, and are having problems with authentication now, This workaround should get you access to Academagia Y1, (AND any other games you had on impulse too!)


1. You are going to need your email address that you use for impulse and the password you used for it obviously, if you don't know those things, find them again. I can't help you there. You are going to also need an OLD copy of Impulse. You can find an installer here: (I recommend V 3.2)




2. Uninstall the current Gamestop app. Leave no trace of that abomination behind. I would recommend a reboot just to be safe.


3. Use the OLD Impulse installer and make a note of where it installs to, but (this is critical) do NOT run it after installation!


4. Make a copy of the whole directory where impulse installed. This copy can go anywhere. It needs to be the directory and all the files in it.


5. Run the ORIGINAL Impulse exe file you got from the install, and let it update itself to the current iteration. Login. You should get the authentication popup.


6. Minimize all that, and now, You want to run the COPY impulse in the directory you copied just a bit ago. Login. It will do a version check, and it will say that you are up to date (because in the official directory it installed to, it is up to date) You should now be able to download your games using this old copy version, because the OLD version of impulse did not Require authentication. Gamestop added that crap in later.


7. Make backups of everything you can get your hands on. There's no guarantee when the data there will be Lost Forever! Note that the Archive function is probably broken because of some code change between versions, but installs should work fine!


Original thread on Reddit.



Edit: It seems that you need to use the "download and archive" feature before installing. The archive feature doesn't work when it's already installed.

Edit #2: I'd like to add that the version of Y1 listed on Impulse is DLC13, so be sure to update it!

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