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Trouble with Test-taking 11 level expanding


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Hello everone.

It's said that there is a 11 level in subskill Test-Taking. But I can't find the way it works - other School Survival skills don't seem to unlock it.
I often start with 3 str, 2 luck, 2 fin, 2 fit, 1 cha, 1 int and 1 ins - and it's essenial for me to rise Charm and Intelligence as early as possible. Charm is easy, but Test-Taking should somehow work.

Plese, give me a hint where I can possibly find a way to unlock 11 level for Test-taking.

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It might actually be impossible. Some skills just plain don't have ways to actually get the rank 11 unlocks without modding, and Test Taking might be one of them.


Mind you, if it's early Intelligence you're after, I recommend seeking out Planning and raising it to 2. That unlocks an ability that gives +1 Insight and Intelligence. You can unlock Planning, if necessary, through getting Insects 3, and you can get that, if necessary, by failing an Insects roll. Oan's tutorial has an Insects investigation roll during the laughing bees part, so failing that will unlock the skill.

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I never start a game with a 1 in an stat, the cost is just too high.


The 4 early abilities for me are Compete-Planning 3 - +1 insight/intel

Ambush - Danger sense 4 - +1 insight

War 2 - +1 insight (go for a few levels in insects skill to get the war skills)

Acrobatics 3 - +1 fitness


Otherwise go for adventure with Oan as the difficulty checks are fairly low and its another +1 insight/intel combo.

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