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Where is Volume 2? ;)


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Black Chicken Studios I May 12, 2016 10:51 pm Europe/Berlin

Joel - indeed yes! It's been plotted, and mostly written. Now we need to work on art- assuming all goes according to plan, you may see Volume 2 up on Kickstarter this summer

Looks like it will be late by at last 2 years or we would have read about a planed Kickstarter for it by now (together with complains of both VB and Academagia Fans) if it would be just 1 year late.


Beside the exclusive time for the addons should be over by now or? Think it was just 2 years or so and the game got out 2013.


When I'm at it already where is the App or is there at last some news on it?

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It won't go out until after VB, that's certain. It does grow a little in the narrative from time to time, though. :)


I think the exclusivity period has ended, but the last I heard was that they wouldn't break the exclusivity until v2.


CoG still says that they plan to make it. But when is as yet unknown, sadly!

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