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The basics of a "Quest"


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Some discussion came up in the VB discord on the topic of a Forum Quest, and we've decided it might be a fun concept to bring to the VB fanbase.  Some of you may already be familiar with "Quests" but for those that aren't, I would like to provide a brief explanation, then ask what kind of quests you would like to see.

A "Quest" as it's commonly called, is a type of forum Roleplay.  It's run by a Quest master or QM for short.  The Quest master is a writer who presents a Scenario to everyone, and everyone votes on what to do next.  For example the QM would write:

You sit happily in the officer's wardroom of the USS Mahan.  The day has been stressful so far because the coffee machine broke down.  It took two hours and a lot of swearing to fix, and the entire morning watch had to skip their coffee.  Suffice to say, it was not the best time to be on the bridge.   You recline slightly in your chair, glad that the mess is finally over when you hear the click of heels on the ships walkways.  You sit up straight, making sure your uniform is properly tucked in.  The door opens and you see exactly who you expected.  A smile touches the redhead's lips when she sees you.  She has always been easy to read, and it's clear she was looking for you in particular.  As she steps closer, you realize she's holding two cups of coffee.  One of them is clearly for her, but as you hastily look around the room you realize the other one can only be meant for you.  "Good morning, Captain!"  USS Mahan says cheerfully.  "Do you want some coffee?"  Her bright blue eyes seem to shine as she says the word Coffee.

>"No thanks, I was hoping to get some shut-eye after that morning watch."
>"Thanks, Mahan.  I wish they'd finished those repairs sooner!"

You, the voters decide on one of the two options presented, or if you have a better idea, write your own response.  The QM will pick the option with the most votes, and write the next part.  This continues and can build amazing stories, where you decide what happens!

So if we were to start a Victory Belles themed quest, what would you like to see?  As an example, I've made a couple ideas.  Feel free to present your own.  If I like them, I might even try to write one of yours!

1) "You" are a belle, dedicated to your crew and captain and the fight against the Morgana!

2) "You" are the captain of a ship without a Belle, and you don't make headlines, but your work is no less important.  Maybe one day your ship will manifest its own lady, and you will join the front lines!

3) "You" are a crewman, Lost at sea after a Morgana attack, and you are picked up by a Belle from another nation.  Will you continue the fight with your new allies, or will tensions rise in a foreign warship?

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One that Hyperion was working on that I'm for is similar to Cherno Alpha vs the World (Pacific Rim Quest). We're on the last remaining Belle and we're trying to protect the last major installation, going out to get supplies, the whole thing. He knows more than I do about the thing so if I can get him to post here I will

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