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It has been suggested and approved that as the number of writers on this forum grow, there should be a place to compile their works so nobody gets lost or left behind.  Such a compilation would also be useful for quickly finding any story on the site.  So, here you go, a collection of the stories so far written, and a short summary of each.  Unfortunately I was only able to include stories, not song parodies and other writing snippets for conciseness and uniformity. 

If there are any stories that I have missed, or any new ones get written, please notify me via PM so that I may add them to the list.  If any writers would like to update the description of their stories, they may also PM me with details.

The Improbable Captain    DrYuriMom

A free spirited lady gets chosen as the captain of a belle while on a tiger cruise.  Can she take the reigns and defend the innocent families of so many sailors from the Morganas?

Iron Fish   Fallschirmjager

A U-boat manifests a belle as the war begins, with an enemy right off the bow!

A Bittersweet Symphony - The Tale of Manchester and Captain Falshaw   Wellington99

Old wounds reopen for a weary veteran of The Great War as he gets pulled into an unfamiliar battlefield on the high seas.

Ruhm und Ehre - Eine Geschichte von einem Kapitän und ihrer Belle   Nel Celestine

A loyal Kriegsmarine captain learns to work together with a proud and uncouth belle.

Gipsy Soul   TwoHeavens

A tale of two lost ships in an unlikely partnership.

The Return of the Iron Dog   Scootia

The crew of an unfortunate British corvette finds themselves an unlikely new ship.

Ninjapacman's One-Shots   Ninjapacman

A collection of short one-chapter stories.  So far there is only one.  Hopefully he'll get off his ass and write more.

The Cracks We Find  Timpeni

Kitakami breaks Hiryu's most prized teacup.  A more serious-toned story of relationship.

An Enterprising Captain   Ninjapacman

The veteran crew of a destroyer find themselves on an important mission in the South Pacific.

Rote Erde, blaues Wasser  Käpt'n Korky

An independent Kapitän reunites with his crew to begin Service with the INPF.

To Die on Your Feet  Ninjapacman

A cargo ship finds themselves as the only thing between a morgana attack and their convoy.  A short patriotic one-shot.

Home Away: An Aerial Odyssey  Scootia

The USS Los Angeles is the first and only Airship to manifest a belle.  This is the exciting story of her restoration and service.

First Blood: The Belle that Sunk a Ship of Innocents  Pillwalker

A tragic recounting from the ship's perspective of the first attack on allied shipping in the Atlantic War by U-30.

Echoes of Jutland  Scootia

The Iron Dog returns, along with a Battle Squadron of the High Seas Fleet from the bottom of Scapa flow.  They're ready to fight the Morganas, but can they do that while they fulfil their own agendas?

The Ghost of the Mediterranean  Historynerd

A lazy officer of the Regia Marina finds himself and his torpedo boat crew under attack in home waters.

Lament of the Cursed  Ninjapacman

A Captain without a Belle and a Belle without a Captain meet in the most unfortunate of ways.  Will they be able to help each other?

Thunderous Awakening Wellington99

A belle awakes on Sept. 1st, 1939 with memories of a completely different war.

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