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The Fragmented Soul (Adventure idea free to pick up)


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Not sure if I find the time to actual make a full adventure out of this idea so if someone from the team or other player like it they are free to pick up this idea, just say something that I not pick it up later my self. (Its strong Halloween/Necromancy themed)

Backstory unknown to the player at start: Long ago a powerful mage failed to perform a gate related magic to make him self an lich instead his soul shattered and each part of the soul entered a different item he had in him self or that was nearby and this items that teleported into different places. The body it self only contain the largest fragment of the soul and unlike a normal lich the decay didn't stop. Although the creature don't need air, food or blood to power its movement it was surprised to realize that with increased decay or damage its movement became more and more difficult. But the creature soon learned that it could replace parts of its body with the same parts of newly dead and so became some kind of flesh golem / zombie over time. Also the creature can sense other parts of its soul within some miles. The biggest hit of this soul-fragmentation probably took the mind and its magic as till it got its hand on the first other piece of its soul it could only act on instinct and couldn't use any magic at all.

Adventure starting restriction: No Secret background, Hometown is not Mineta, Not background Heritage: Renaglian, also Player is at the home of his /her family

How the player get involved: One day a stranger approach the player "You are a student at Academagia? Could you please bring this cursed ring to your Regent or the Legate that it can be destroyed?" If the player refuse the first time he get offered up to 100 gold for the task. If refuse for a second time the stranger wander away and the player later is questioned by the town guard what his relation is with the stranger because the stranger was found death with a arrow in his chest, also strangely the left thigh is complete missing.

The ring is actual containing one of the soul fragments and if the player know about some identification magic a very good roll will tell this to him/ her. Using a powerful dispel would destroy the item but put the soul fragment into the player (have fun during next summer break with fighting off the flesh golem but till then it give the player +1 Luck +1 Insight +5 Instinct +2 Stress minimum).

By default the Ring give +1 Stress minimum and +5 Instinct but if possible also give the wearer each day a random result (only applying during the turn processing) from the following: a attribute is temporary increased by 1-5, a gate, enchant or revision sub skill is temporary increased by 5, take vitality or stress damage.

A vendor or normal identify only tell about that this cursed ring of chaotic instincts give +1 Stress minimum, +5 Instinct and have some chaotic effect on it.

Once school start again the player give at nearly every step the choice to turn the item over to Professor Briandy what give +1 Stress because the player is questioned about the item and reminded that its not task of the students to carry around cursed items also the player get some minor reward like increased relationship.

If the player decide to search for the other soul parts he could find 1 or 2 other items during the summer break but the encounter with the flesh golem will happen at a later year.

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How to gain the 2 items I mentioned before:

If the player decided to search for the other soul-fragments he can find one in the bone-arrow that stick in a severe malformed stag (or some other prey) that the player have to kill. In home city that have no nearby woodland its a straying dog that got mutated from a hit with that arrow.

Otherwise the player find the same arrow later on his trip to Mineta as stake in a card game, if the player not win it (or decided to pass on it) the arrow go to a sailor what give the player the opportunity to steal it from his chest. 

If the player skip all this then the sailor even come to him and ask if this thing is magic what give the player the opportunity to buy it or if managed to come up with a intimidating story about the curse even get it for free.

The 3. item a belt is at the docks of Mineta in one of the many chests there but only during the first month after school start afterward the player can buy the belt from a shady vendor.

Giving away just the ring to Professor Briandy is as said in the 1st post but having 2 of this items make the player spend 1 day in bed after the Professor had to break the connection this 2 items already formed.

If the player come to her with 3 item she tell the player she actual have to research how to break the bond this item formed with him/her and it probably will cause some lasting damage. If the player visit her again to break the "curse" he lose 1 permanent Insight and have to stay for 1 day in bed.

Because we can't prevent selling the items it might be a bad idea to give negative effects on turning them in to the Professor.

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