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A question on wands


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2 minutes ago, Metis said:

Oh, there's plenty of wands in the game that can be acquired through a variety of means. Dive in and see what you manage to fish up, chances are at least one'll be a wand.

I was just going to cast the spell wand amplification during one of my spare periods but it does not come up on the spells list to choose. It will allow me to cast Message of the winds only.

Is there a reason for this?

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13 minutes ago, Metis said:

More than likely, you're missing one of the required Phemes. The wiki's the best place to figure out what you're missing and where to get it.

Looking through my list of Phemes, I see that I am missing 3 of the 4 required. Is there a way to gain the Phemes I am missing?

The ones I am missing are Amplify, Strengthen, and Power.

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2 hours ago, Metis said:

Check the wiki. It'll generally tell you what skills you need to train in order to get specific Phemes.

Many thanks, I found what I need to train to get them :)

Edit: I can now cast the spell, I got the needed phemes from a combination of training (At a location that gave bonus to Revision) and I also received one of the needed phemes from the revision lesson in classroom :)

I'm starting to understand the game a little more now. Having great fun :)

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