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So... right now, phemes are really overpowered imo. Multiple castings allow them to stack, meaning with just a 2 day time, you can bring your ability score, and respective skills up to impossible levels (I got mine up to 37 today). This allows you to spam things that would otherwise be really hard to pass with near certain victory. While this is of course their point, the fact you can stack them up to 9 times I feel may be a bit strong, so an idea started bouncing around in my head.

What if the phemes level of your skills dictated the number of phemes you could attach to a spell, but you only only apply a given pheme once, and most dont increase spell DC (or the ones that do dont do it so much). The cost to level up the phemes related skill would be 3 points, making it very hard, yet worth while. and will bring some desire to the many other phemes that would otherwise kinda be ignored.
 A sorting method of some type would also help, but I honestly have no idea what to suggest to make that work with the current UI/set up of the game.

Anyway, just wanted to toss this out there before I hit the sack. I dont expect anything to come of it, but perhaps it may spark an idea or two that are useful. :)

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If you ignore that many times you can get the same result by just spending stress or just with spells like Revision Of Skills or Cleanse And Remake it actual might look like pheme are overpowered.

But spending the timeslots casting a spell just to get trough a single adventure giving you a netto lost of 2-4 skill points per timeslot wasted using a spell might change this view fast. 

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