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Extract Protection not working?


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The ability reads: If your Intimidation and Charm are greater than your victim's Courage and Insight (+1) you will extract a protection fee from them, taking one of their random objects and making it yours.

My Intimidation is 12. My Charm is 6.

My victim in this case is (of course) Philippe Marchant.

He has Courage 0 and Insight 2. He has a Beekeepers Mask, Bird Food, a Black Salamander, and a Parrot Feather.

Seems to me this should be 18 > 3 and I should get one of his 4 Items without fail, and yet I never succeed. What gives?

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I suspect that the issue is that the Action chooses a "random" common item (the game doesn't specify, but it only works on Common items) to transfer, and if your target doesn't have that item, the action just fails. It's not impossible to fail that contested check, but if it's failing consistently there's something amiss.

...Actually never mind, Intimidation 12 cannot be beaten by Insight 2/Courage 0 without a Chance of Success proc. You can't fail that check without shenanigans going on.

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