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Love as the Highest Positive Emotion between characters?


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In Y1, love is the emotion that can accompany the highest relationship levels possible (with a student of the opposite sex). But since love can be gained in Y1 without relying upon astrology (naturally with Sheary Warrington, with etiquette 8 benefits for other characters) before dating is even allowed, I wonder whether future years will have deeper emotions that are associated with strong relationships. Not merely for same sex relationships (which have been discussed elsewhere) but also for opposite sex. @Legate of Mineta, would you comment?

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12 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


I cannot, except to say that there are a variety of evolutionary states in Y2. ;)

Would you be kind enough to name these states? Are any unique to any characters? And I am shocked that they are in Y2 when dating will not be allowed until Y3.

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