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Lores about Malacresta?


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Here's a copy/paste:



"Why was I sent to Academagia? Well, why wasn't I? First, there was the fact that the galaxy's equinoxal bilateral position to the four suns a quarter trillion miles to the south-south-south-south *gasp* south-east of the Unitard constellation was a very big sign, followed by the fact that the solar flare of Orean's solar plexus couldn't have been better timed for my admission...well either that or we're in for a war between a slave uprising down below and our school's chef. Well, anyway, there's also...

(rest of the conversation was lost due to loss of focus in the midst of very big words)"


"Phew. This school life is a little tougher than I thought. It's been, what, a few weeks and I'm already having a hard time in biology. One of these days I'm just going to get sick, I tell you. (Especially with that cafeteria lady putting garlic powder in everything -- is she trying to kill me? I'll have hives for weeks!)

... Did I say a few weeks, because judging from the way the sun has been setting a few milliseconds later each and every evening, I'd say that the term 'few weeks' is going to become much more compact in, say, a few decades. By the time we reach seventy we'll have lost a day; time travel via it's compression. Although I suppose one could argue that time is relative in this case considering our lifespan is still the same, and it's only really our minds that are blown rather than our bodies...

(conversation stopped due to fainting spell caused by increased temporal awareness)"


"Look look look look look! I've got myself a new looking glass and she is a beauty! Just hold it up like so and...

(in the infirmary)

Well, this wouldn't be the first time I've ever looked straight into the sun without thinking twice about it. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm quite knowledgable in the way of the stars. A little 'obsession' of mine, or so I've been told. Yup, when it comes to the great black beyond I'm the guy to come to. Just ask me any question. Why, when I was only half my age, I already knew so much about...

(conversation ended due to departure out of boredom. Malacresta keeps talking, however, not being able to see that his audience has left)"


"Hey, wait up. I noticed from the silent treatment you gave me in the infirmary that I may have bored you a little. Sorry, it's just-

You left when? Oh...

Well, it's just... I'm really sorry. When I was younger, truth be told, I could never socialize much with others due to being of ill health. I couldn't really even go outside in the daylight due to allergies and the risk of sunburn. So as a compromise, I got to go outside at night, all bundled up and warm and just look at the stars, and well, I suppose that's where I first learned about the moon's... Sorry, there I go again. Just thought you deserved an explanation.

(conversation ended when Malacresta leaves)"


"Oh, hello again. Wait, you...you still want to see me? Well, if that isn't just cool then? Don't worry don't worry, I'll do my best not to bore you so much this time. Wow, I can't believe I've made another one. A friend, I mean. Sorry to sound so sappy, it's just that I don't connect with people much. Once again, the stars have guided me to the right place.

Truth be told, the stars don't always give me a straight sign, and so I mess up a lot. The reason I went to this school is because the stars told me that I can improve my stargazing abilities here. But with my current skill, it's more of a gamble than anything. But still, if it works out, I can achieve my dream of being a soothsayer, and really be in control of my own life. Now won't that be grand?"


"Everyone in my family has always been considered a little nutters. My aunt especially (what is it with aunts and uncles being the crazy ones anyway? Does that leave our cousins to view our sane parents as the crazy ones? It's so wierd.) As a matter of fact, people say I often resemble her the most.

When she was young, she had to wear these thick, thick spectacles, and everyone would say 'hey, why don't you put those to good use and make them into a telescope?' Took her a week before she figured out she was being made fun of; won the science fair with those specs by then. She's still the life of the party now."


"You want to know something about secrets? You shouldn't tell them to just anybody. I learned that the hard way when I first started getting better and was let out of the house.

When I tried to make my first friend outside the family, I rushed things a little too fast. Oh sure, he put up with it for a bit, but then I let onto something that I shouldn't of. Next thing my mom and dad knew they were treating the bruises on my face and I wasn't welcome in the play area anymore. I don't know about social connections, but that was the first day I learned how to really push people away."


"The truth be told, I'm more than a little bit glad for the Exile. Now, don't get me wrong; what happened, and what's still happening, is terrible. But still, while I know that the sky can still be easily observed from here or the ground below (or so I assume), I just feel so much more at home closer to the stars than to the ground below us.

... Thanks for not judging me. I'm still not used to being hung upside down in the latrine yet for such views, although I do feel slightly privileged for getting a perspective on the world hardly anyone else gets."


"This night sky... when I look at it, it makes me wonder 'where do we fit into all of this? Where in this grand cosmic equation do we find out if we are a number, variable, or just an imaginary number?' Ironically, that last one is a real math term. They should really think of renaming that, whoever they are.

For all of our pondering, though, I certainly believe that what those stars have to offer us are certainly beyond numbers. We just have to communicate well, is all."


"Wow! Thanks for saving my butt during that whole flu fiasco! Hey, want your fortune told? Just write down your birthdate here and let me take a look.

Okay then, let's see...

.... Oh dear... say, you wouldn't be needing a companion for whatever you have planned next, would you? You are most certainly an... 'interesting' person, to say the least.

Aw come on, pretty please?"


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