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What magic is this? Rimbal? Or something else?


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I was googling today and found this. Is the first image from some kind of a game/mini-game you can play in Academagia, or is a dev screenshot from the scrapped Rimbal minigame? If yes, I'm surprised where they got it (since either the page is old or they went looking around in dev blogs or something like that I guess) and why did they include it in the screenshots gallery.

Also that map on image number four looks really nice, I feel like I've seen it somewhere before. Does anyone have a full-size version of it?


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It's well-known fact there's a dummied-out Rimbal game that still, I believe only in parts, exists in the game. You can actually create a mod using the mod tools to access it, since the command to access it still exists, but I couldn't tell you whether that will do anything beyond crash the game.

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