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Currently at best you could translate DLC 15 but not the most recent release. Also there some issues with the mod tools we have where they not work as they should when create a new mod with modern OS and I'm not sure if this also would affect a pure translation project that just change existing texts.

Anyway if you want to try you should be able to download the needed files from this posting:

We are supposed to get new mod tools after year 2 is released that also should work with year 1 and the most recent AMM released for year 1 by BCS. (The old mod tools we have can't use this AMM that why DLC 15 is the last you can currently use for your translation project)

I suspect you can use the DLC 15 AMM and the old mod tools to already start with your epic work in translating this Book series worth of text using external files to save the translation and then once we get new Mod Tools finish the translation.

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The...what was it, Windows XP service pack 3? Something bug does prevent you from changing main text fields of events/adventures/etc, so yes, you'd absolutely need an instance of Windows XP SP 2 (IIRC, though a virtual one will do just fine) to translate the game up to DLC 15, since the DLC 17 mod base won't work with the outdated Y1 mod tools. Of course I wouldn't recommend that because that will probably just get erased as soon as the Y2 tools gets released, so translating in a .txt document for now would probably be best.

Insofar that anything involving translating a doorstopper novel like Academagia is "best". Between action/ability/spell/constellations/skills/NPCs/etc. descriptions, lores and adventure/event stages you're looking at a simply ungodly amount of text to translate. If your aim is to get more people into the game I think a more reasonable idea would be to translate BT's LP and hope that draws attention (assuming the man himself doesn't mind, of course). Alternative if you're doing this mainly to better yourself, than...well, have fun and go for it.

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