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Strangely Appropriate Association of the Name Isabeau


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A few days ago, I was thinking about the name Isabeau and the Academagia character with that name (because really, her back-story is so interesting - I wish that the Team would release more characters' backstories - such as Prudence Cossins's). But then, a thought occurred to me. I know about another Isabeau - a 15th century girl whom the French Poet/university student Francois Villon was with when he got into his first (and fatal to another) brush with the law.


At first, I thought this to be a strange coincidence and nothing more. But then, the more I thought about it, the more similarities I saw between Academagia's Isabeau and Villon's Isabeau.


Both are associated with university students but are not noted as learned or scholarly themselves.


Both are in close connection with thieves but not known to be thieves themselves (although in Miss Glorieux's case, it seems to be due to her skills and charm rather than lack of thieving).


Both are associated with stories of mysterious fathers and elevation from low social status through education (Isabeau Glorieux's aristocratic father who finances her studies and Villon's foster-father who financed his university studies).


Finally, it is, I think, interesting that Isabeau Glorieux is associated with Hedi College (diplomacy and skilled composition) just like the 15th century's Isabeau's Villon was a skilled poet.


These connections, I admit, are not nearly as strong as were found with Isabeau's fellow Hedi student Sima, but they are interesting. @Legate of Mineta, was the team aware of this name-related association when it named the amateur thief Isabeau?

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