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My best Hedi Student


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I have often said that Morvidus College is the best college because of its easy playing, its interesting adventures (including Pelia), and its easy synergy with Gates Magic. But Hedi College, although rather difficult, is interesting in its own right.  So, my most recent complete playthrough as a Hedi student saw me do the following: rescue Galitia Nesci, Complete Zoe Melis's adventure and form Love with her, and complete the main adventure as the Triplets in a way that did not involve rescuing the Captain's daughter.

My courses were: Arithmetic, Dialectic, Glamour, Grammar, Rhetoric, Zoology.

My statistics were as follows:

Fitness 7

Finesse 5

Charm 8

Strength 1

Intelligence 14

Insight 11

Luck 6

Aesthetics 2

Ambush 3

Arithmetic 15

Art 8

Astrology 12

Athletics 0

Befriend 8

Beguile 2

Blackmail 8

Botany 1

Brew 0

Bully 1

Calligraphy 0

Compete 3

Cooking 1

Dialectic 11

Duel 0

Economy 2

Enchant 13

Engineering 1

Enspell 0

Espionage 1

Explore 2

Forge 8

Gates 0

Geometry 2

Glamour 13

Gossip 0

Grammar 14

Heraldry 8

History 11

Incantation 12

Language 2

Law 1

Malice 11

Mastery 0

Music 0

Natural philosophy 6

Negation 1

Patrol 2

Plot 10

Raid 2

Religion 2

Research 18

Revision 13

Rhetoric 13

Rimbal 0

Sabotage 2

School Survival 6

Sleight of Hand 6

Society 12

Spy 1

Synchronicity 0

War 3

Zoology 12

I have the following comments:

1. I hope that Galitia Nesci will play a role in future installments.

2. I conceived of my character as rather amoral and greedy but not exceptionally bold - but no coward. In other words, the type of character who would work easily with Zoe but would only reluctantly get involved with the Triplets' schemes. This makes me wonder: will future installments have the option to betray the Triplets, like the PC in Y1 can betray Ilaro Dati?

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