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KS update 190


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Now here is a lively thread.

I don't get the two startled and one happy cook thing. Apart from that nice update. Good to see Wichita getting a treat for a change.

Good thing only 25% of EU citizens use iOS on their mobile devices. Even less on their other gaming hardware. #yankiiproblems

*gets a broom and swings it over his various caches*

If you want proper Lebkuchen this year, you can find me on the VB discord to discuss a care package. Just saying.

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Nice tins. And waaay too much nuts for my taste. But let's not start that conversation, because it could compromise "family secrets". Let's just say I will not mainly rely on Nürnberg for my Lebkuchen supply. But she definitively has objectively one of the top 3 Lebkuchen supplies in the Reich..... and another revealed Walküre has probably the worst, but that's subjective. I know people loving her over-sweetened, texture-less .....brown blobs. I don't. A Lebkuchen needs character and with my favourites.... I can probably shoot holes into a Nixe. .... Actually now I have to run a projectile design through Hannahs workshop..... gaaah! I have to look up the caliber.....

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