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It already payed off. I had to correct the address of the Kriegsmarineministerium. 

It relates to the story told in episode 5 about the second half of the First World War:

The director tells what factors led to the sailor unrest of 1917 (not the revolutionary one in November 1918).

And the concrete ignition for the important unrest is a cancelled movie theater show on the SMS Prinzregent Luitpold. Before that a plethora of military disobedience and protest by the sailors had taken place and one soldier on the SMS Friedrich der Große was especially well connected: Max Reichpietsch. In the wave of arrests and court martials following the "movie theater" protest altogether ten sailors were sentenced to death. 2 of those death sentences were executed: Albin Köbis and Max Reichpietsch. And the name "Reichpietsch" immediately rang a bell in my head.

I wrote as address of the Kriegsmarineministerium "Reichpietschufer" ... and that didn't make sense after I heard that story. The Nazis and the Kriegsmarine would've never, NEVER, named a street after someone who was guilty of "completed high treason and rioting" against the officers corps of the Kaiserliche Marine. And I thought the whole time a "Pietsch" was something Berlinian, Prußian, idk of which I never had heard of. But no. I checked it and the thing is: The article about the old navy ministry building on wikipedia states only the current location, but not the old name for it. Luckily someone put an article about the street itself up. And what did I find? The street was named after Königin Augusta, the Königin-Augusta-Straße at first, but the name was changed after the death of admiral Alfred von Tirpitz in 1933 to Tirpitzufer. Its current name was given to it in 1947. 

So I went about and changed the address in my writings here in the forum.

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This is a much too short video about L 56, a Zeppelin which survived WW1. Really interesting is the mentioning of the end of it.
After the scuttling of the HSF in Scapa, the ground personnell of all Zeppelins still in Germany decided to destroy the Zeppelins in their care. 
This was not for any reason which might be connected to the HSF motivations, but they did not want the new German Republic to be able to use them.
But the idea came from the scuttling.



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