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Academagia Magic in a GURPS like system


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I think one could transfer the magic of Academagia to a GURPS like system by implement a 3 step skill system.

Each school of magic is a very or extrem hard skill that then is used instead of the attribute for the sub school skills.

The sub school are mostly average difficult skills that can be substitute with the school skill.

The Pheme are the skill you actual roll on using the sub school skill instead of a attribute and can't substituted. The difficulty of the Pheme skill could vary from very easy to hard. 

Spells are just knowledge that you either have or don't have (I think GURPS have this as knack or something).

So to cast a spell you need to know the spell, have all the pheme as skill and also need to know the school of magic skill that each Pheme is based on.

Each Pheme need 1 round and a roll to be drawn. A spell need 2 or more Pheme  to be casted.

Downside of this system is that spells are kind of slow, can easy be botched and need many skills.

(Hmm somehow I have the feeling I already did write something like this years ago ...)

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