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KS Update 220


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Sad about the beta push back but hey, it looks like this might be it finally.

Curious to know who the new mystery Belle is. Will say I'm happy for a change of pace with the update compared to others. Also in universe explaination for lack of Edinburgh interview

(still desires Edinburgh interview)

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As long as the VB-beta channel on the discord does not get deleted, there's hope.

Oh yes, new Belle. Personally I rule out a Soviet Belle. The written(!) accent woudl've been different probably. Or was there a famous comrade on an intelligence mission in the Imperialistic Bourgeouis center of the world at that time?

So IF we stick to HMSs I would call shots on London and Glasgow. London would be funny to not be a snobbish, high and mighty Belle, but a workin' lass. Also the Communist Manifesto was published in London and the Communist Party of Great Britain (but not Northern Ireland!) was founded there.
Glasgow would be the Haggis, being protective of Eddie and the CPGB won their only seat outside of Londinium.

BUT if you want to go really deep down the rabbit hole: It's Z10 *laughs evil German spy laugh* And she kidnapped Eddie and will lure the Allied Belles into traps right until beta!

Also: Boo! First you establish can't write long words properly. But all words as long or longer than the reference word "interwie" were spelled correctly, if I'm not mistaken.

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