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Isn't It Foolish to Actually Expect Year 2?

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I mean this in the kindest way possible, because I have put around 1k+ hours into this game from the time I discovered it years ago.

In that time, I have graduated college, moved twice, fallen in love, gotten engaged, married, and gotten a new home. Every so often I check these forums for any actual updates, and there really isn't any. Just having one person say "Spoilers! Can't say what we've been working on :)" and not have any real updates is honestly, disappointing.  Vague promises of work for over a decade, with literally nothing to show but some comments of "Oh work is good! Can't say what's going on or what's been done or anything, but things are happening!" I truly can't recommend this game to anyone because in my heart I feel like it won't ever make it past year 1. And that stinks, because I truly love the world and the settings of the game. It's awesome. I'd rather tell people to play anything else honestly. And I'm sad for the people that are anticipating year 2, because it's not going to happen.

Sorry if this is a bummer post, I just have thought this for a while and needed to get these feelings out.

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15 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


Well, ymmv, but at least for us it's real enough. But can't say I blame how you feel. ;)

As usual with these kinds of things, probably best to check in every now and again. When we announce, we'll make it as loud as we can.

I have faith in you people to release Y2, as I have faith in Buddhism, my skills as a writer, and my inability to walk during this lifetime. I hope to get involved with this game and writing associated with it again later this year, after I move to a better house.

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The Problem is that the writing is finished for like 10 years. What the Game needs are Programmers.

Legate told himself that the small progress each month is quit often something like additional lore etc.

While stuff which is actually needed to finish is neglected.

Or maybe there is another Problem which the Team does not want to tell.

Even their money maker Victory Belles has issues.

So its understandable that most people are at best skeptical if the Game even existsts.

Especially because the Team refuses to give even the slightest of hints. For how many years did people ask for the class list etc. ?

I still hope for the 15th Anniversary next year.

Not trying to be rude. But well ...

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Im Sorry if I Sound harsh.

I really like this game and put my fair share of hours into it.

But it is frustrating and you get the feeling that the Game / BCS is pretty much dead.

Does BCS even have a plan in case you dont get a Publisher for VB, how to realistically puplish Y2 before 2030 or what you do if none of the above happens ?

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