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Well Lurkers Hawkey, elwin we don't have much longer to wait!


tomorrow Academagia is released, and possibly (and quite hopefully) these boards will gain a bit of noise once people get their hands on the product. and we can all finally get our hands as we enter the The Academy of Magic of Mineta.


now as much as it saddens me to see a game with an interesting premise to have such a quiet forum, it does give the bonus that this post won't be drowned out in the pages upon pages of new threads big titles get (but will hopefully be quickly swallowed up by topics after release day!)


I'd just like to say thanks to Black Chicken studio's for what they have made! and I hope it goes well.


Now you could say I'm speaking too early. and that I shouldn't be saying thank you till I've actually played. but as a student of computing and a hobbyist programmer. I can understand fairly what amount of effort has been placed into this game and the time they have spent on it (since spring 2006!)


but not just from a programming perspective, Concept work ,Art, Music and Writing. all that takes a lot of time to place within a game. and probably a lot of blood sweat and tears to boot.


so for all the effort you've placed in since then guys and gals, for all the days behind the scenes just to add another 1-2 events that some of us might never even see. to finding the one perfect song you wanted for the game. all I can say is...


Thanks guys and good luck for tomorrow! I hope it was all worth it!



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