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I am just starting and I seem to have a hard time making friends. The first Gossip was successful and I have relationships with several in my college at 3, but subsequent Gossips have failed. My charm is at 2. Is there something I can do to make this more successful? I hate to waste time slots but I would, eventually like to do Adventures, which it says you do with a clique, which I can't get until I get some friends.

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Gossiping is a contested Action, so in order to be successful your final Roll has to be higher than theirs. It's possible that the Students you are choosing are natural Gossips, or simply have a higher Gossip Skill than you do. The most effective way to Gossips is to Train your Gossip Skills: Bluff, Dating and Innuendo. Once you get your overall Gossip Skill to around 4 or 5, you should very rarely fail unless you are trying to influence a socially minded Student.

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Generally Gossip is used to forge better friendships between two students, and not your own character.



Use "Encourage fellow student", or "Review Homework" or even "Writing Horoscope", to improve your own friendship with a student.

Use Befriend to get them in your Clique.


Now to add several friends to your clique, you can use Gossip to make the prospect of your clique and the ones already in your clique, to better like one another.

If the one you want in your clique, and the one you already have in your cliquee don't like one another, you'll have close to no chance of getting more into your clique..


- Hope this helps somewhat...

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OK. What I was doing wrong was not training the social skills. And the reason for that was the scrolling problem (within the metalic boxes in calendar) caused me not to see them. I have learned that you can hit the down arrows sometimes and sometimes you need to click on the bottom item and then hit the down arrow.


I now have one friend in my clique. I think.


But now I have a different problem. How do you know where you are in the school year?

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You can flip forwards (or backwards) in the Calendar to see various events, but the school year covers 10 months:


The 9th Month: Athonos (Atho)

The 10th Month: Pramidi (Amidi)

The 11th Month: Gelamenus (Amenus)

The 12th Month: Cheimare (Imare) - Mid Terms

The 1st Month: Hionosi (Nosi)

The 2nd Month: Nivelos (Velos)

The 3rd Month: Aruit (Aru)

The 4th Month: Veranix (Vera)

The 5th Month: Anedius (Nedius)

The 6th Month: Kaliri (Kalo) - Finals and School Ends.


The summer months are:


The 7th Month: Kapsus (Apsus)

The 8th Month: Theriventus (Riventus)


Hope that helps. :)

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