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Chance of Success 'bug' still be scurrying about


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I've installed the new patch. A part of this 'cannot fail bug' (or feature?) may be that that location Academagia: Block Puzzle is not actually testing the (Puzzles + Luck > 17) roll like it claims. By the time I had visited this location 6 times, I had ceased failing red and purple choices. My luck is 2, even once my puzzles is at 10, that adds up to 12. I shouldn't be able to get the bonus merit points or glory at all at this point, but I am definately getting the merit (I can see the increase happening there) and maybe am getting the silent glory too.


Sidenote, I've not yet gotten any messages in the history about temporary improvements to my chance of success. I'm just... good at everything wether I know it or not. ;)

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Ha! For now, my 'Revision' playstyle has trumped the programmers/your 'Negation' debugging, Sir Legate! Detract/retract/fix this success bug any way you can - I'd prefer to play the game, not this bug, heh. And the 'way' I like to play... it's kinda hard for me to play freely without triggering it ;p.


I bequeath to you two saves, both with the bug. One is my currently being played game, a few months in and likely a mess to search through, but may help confirm that the bug, once triggered, stays with you a LONG time.


The second, Testin Successbug character, was played to show how fast this bug can be triggered - everything done (except one rest) was done to trigger the bug, and I played him only until I got the first 'impossible success', then saved. Continued play to the next event, to make sure it was still bugged, it was. Sending you the 'right after bug first appeared' save, so you can autopsy a very clean and direct form of it. An event happened on first week, day 6, saturday, and didn't have the success bug yet. An event happened on day 7, sunday, and did have the bug.









Good luck and may I recommend casting 'Wand Amplification' if needed? :)

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