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How does Practice Run work?


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I just used Practice Run and Succeeded but then No info about any Temporary or Permanent Increase of the Skills I selected.

I only got the Message that the 5 Money was taken and that the Practice Run was succesfull.

The Skills I thryed to improve wasnt changed at all ;).


Now my Question is how this Action works or sould work.

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Using the Champions Room I managed to get the 1st Skill Bonus but not the second so maybe the Difficulty is off (or I have a Bad effect on me that I dont see)? Acording to the description the Roll is insight/planning what in my chase means 3(Insight)+2(Champions Room)+9(Planning)=14. I also have the Same Problem with the Work Loayout at the Times acording to the Description its Insight/Puzzles and I have 3+10= 13 but I only get Observation (except the second Roll is a differnt skill).


Will upload a Save now

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