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Hehehe haha!


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Just sharing an ancedote. Stumbled across an event that left me accidentally brewing an exotic poison, landed me in the infirmary for a day, and left me... able to train the poison subskill. Neat.


Get out of the infirmary, and begin studying until I drop on this neat new-to-me subskill, with the occasional wander out to the athletic fields to calm down a bit. My character seems quite uncomfortable with this line of study.... wether it's just the stress or not, it's funny. Came out of the weekend with the emotions Anxiety (leaves you jittery and on edge. Wether you've got a reason to worry or not, it doesn't matter. Your concerns are very real to you...) and also Conflicted (seeing to many sides of the same story; this causes the kind of inner turmoil that makes dealing ... impossible). And after another day's studies into poisons... Anger. (Everybody gets angry from time to time, but sometimes Anger makes us do things we wouldn't normally do. Anger clouds our judgment, and we might just lash out and hurt those we care about or respect).


So my poor character poisons itself, then is forced by my choice to obsess as deeply as it can over learning about poisons and how to make them. And the game rewards and supports my play by filling out a complementary emotional state for me, with just enough detail to allow me to envision this character terrified of poisoning himself or someone else again, and perhaps wanting to. Probably wanting to stop, and wanting to continue, all at once. And turning more and more towards wanting to use what he's learning as he learns more of poisons while under greater and greater stress. Nicely designed, team!

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*laughs* I've had my fill of elation, I promise you. It goes hand and hand with the glory bug!


Another thing I really like, some of the consequences of messing about with deeper stress levels, there appears to be some interesting passive abilities that come from that, as well as emotions. I like the variety, and the range of how stress affects a character.


I would really like to see all emotional changes in the history, though. Right now, we see when we gain an emotion, but not when we lose it.

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