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Befriending en mass


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I am trying to make as much friends as possible and want a little guidance from the Powers That Be on how befriending a person works when you have several people in your clique.

Basically I know that you need to have a positive relationship with the person you are trying to befriend and a good befriend skill. This is a given. The question is, how high the Relationship between that person and other people in your clique must be in order for the attempt to have some chance of success? Is it enough that everybody has a relationship of 1 with the "victim"? Is it alright if some have 2 and others 0? I am not asking for a working formula (though if you give it I would be delighted) but I have several poeple in a good relationship with me and I could train the skill, but I really need some indication on whether the skill fails beacause it is too low, or because the clique does not like that person enough.

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