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'Help, I can't fail correctly!'


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That's not exactly true, but pretty close. ;)



The stuck-in-never-failing bug seems to be gone, but I feel like I'm still hovering on the outside railings for it. I've had no failures at any purples, and it seems I only fail on red's around one third (if that) of the time. I've mixed around with it a bit, and it seems to be a by product of picking up obscene amounts of Glory, but as I can't see the Glory score, I'm uncertain. The situation feels confusing: if I'm always succeeding at black's and purples, it feels like the game should move them down to greens/blues. I'd like to see the 'max success chance' calculated in to the color coding.


As a side mention: sometimes I'll find things ordered out of color- green, blue, purple, blue, red or so. What is more 'accurate'- the color list, or the programming of most successful at top and least successful at bottom?

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The programming is the most accurate. If you want to reduce Glory contributions further, and do not want to wait for Patch 3, go ahead and and use the Patch 2 Hotfix. That said, in Patch 4 we will be revising the color-coding to show some of the hidden bonuses, so it's more accurate.





Thanks for the hint! I hadn't realized something with Glory was in the patch 2a hotfix- now I'm failing a bit more. Thanks so much!

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