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Losing money you do not have


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I ran into an event on a character's first day of play, the one where a student tries to blackmail 20 pims from you. I failed the option that causes the amount blackmailed to double to 40 pims.


Course, my Black Sheep student started play with.... no Pims.


I've seen stats go into the negatives. I eagerly pressed continue, looking forward to seeing negative coinage on my inventory screen!


But that didn't happen. With a horrid and ongoing growl-like sound, the game crashed, offering up a runtime error and the suggestion that I contact the makers with a report.


I kinda like imagining that the weird sound was the growl of the blackmailing student, having started to rifle my pockets looking for the money I simply didn't have!


I must say though, this is the first time the game has crashed for me at all, since I learned that I needed to run it as an administrator. And I've poked and proded at every bug-like and odd thing I've been able to notice, trying to see what happens and if it crashes, works, or works well indeed. I rather expected to find quite a few crashes, and I haven't :)

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Apparently less serious, but the event where a boy bumps into you and "you realize your money is gone!" can occur even when you have no pims. If you don't catch him, your history shows that "You have decreased Your Money by 15." Happily this did not lead to a crash, and no, I do not have negative money now (It's still 0) - but I am quite sure I didn't have those 15 pims to lose.

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