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As soon as I got her into my clique relationship between her and everybody else began to decrease. I did not get any messages about this (a big problem, I think we need some notification, that shit hit the fan within the group). In several turns one of these things happens: 1)She leaves the clique silently 2)EVERYBODY leaves the clique silently 3)I get a strange dialogue box that pits her against other members of the clique, but does not tell what it actually asks of me. It's just a grid with members of my clique. This dialogue box is the only indication that something has gone wrong.


I tried to gossip fervently but there is just too many members, by the time I get one of them into plus, otheres fall even lower. And at the very least if everybody hates her, she is the only one who leaves. I do wonder what would happen if I managed to get everybody into plus. Would the collapse stop?


Anyway, all of this happened out of the blue. By the time I noticed it, her relationships with one member were at -4 (the only way to notice is to start gossiping). If I did not save and reload a lot I wouldn't even know what hit me until much later time.

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We plan to increase reporting in this area, but what happened was your Clique began to fight (it can really be difficult to keep large Cliques together, especially when divisive or antagonistic Students join.) The dialogue box is asking you to pick a side, and showed the two factions of your Clique that were at war with one another.


This will be addressed in phases, but at start we will be putting a statement in red at the top of your Feedback, telling you that your Clique is fighting.



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